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Total Cost of Ownership

What's your total?

Your Thomas dealer can help you determine what factors most affect your total cost of ownership. Together, you can better plan the life cycle of each bus in your fleet and write more effective specs for upcoming purchases. We'll also help create a training program for your technicians that can greatly increase the value of your staff while lowering maintenance costs. Put simply, our goal is to educate every customer. The more you know, the more cost-effective your fleet can be.

If you are planning to decrease your overall total cost of ownership by adding new buses to your fleet (thereby decreasing fuel and maintenance costs), financing is available through Daimler Truck Financial. Through tax-exempt municipal financing or competitive retail loans and leases, you can purchase new buses by making periodic payments on terms up to 7 years.*

Daimler Truck Financial has a variety of finance solutions* available including:

  • Conventional retail financing at attractive and competitive rates
  • A variety of payment options to match cash flows
  • Competitive lease structures
  • Up to 100 percent financing for qualified contractors

* Actual rates, terms, down payment, advance and program eligibility will be determined by DTF Credit team based on credit worthiness of customer.