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SCR vs. EGR: Thomas delivers better fuel economy in independent testing.

SCR: 7-27% better than EGR

SCR saves you money at the pump. A recent fuel economy test, conducted by Bosch Automotive Proving Grounds using an industry standard methodology, resulted in a 7-27% fuel economy advantage for SCR technology over EGR technology. This is great news for pupil transportation professionals who equip their fleets with Thomas Built buses and is particularly important in today’s tough economy. The results show that SCR technology, including the cost of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), delivers better fuel economy and is the more cost-effective choice. Now you can choose the school buses that are best for your needs and your budget.

As seen in the graphs below, the Thomas Built Buses Saf-T-Liner® C2 with SCR technology results in a fuel economy advantage over the IC CE Series with EGR, regardless of the route and transmission mode driven. When considering the usage and cost of DEF in an SCR vehicle, the results still favor the Thomas Built bus and can provide an average annual savings of $600 - $1,400 per bus, based on the assumptions provided*. During each test run, both buses were in the same transmission mode, either Economy or Performance.

Read the white paper for additional details on the fuel economy test. Download PDF

Fuel Economy Test - Urban Route Fuel Economy Test - Highway Route Fuel Economy Test - Other Advantage

*Assumptions: Average DEF price per gallon is $2.73; average diesel price per gallon is $3.25; average annual miles driven are 14,500.