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Photo of Saf-T-Liner C2 bus

Saf-T-Liner® C2

Conventional redefined.

Photo of bus

Thousands of young passengers count on you everyday to get them to school and back. Safe and sound. The Saf-T-Liner® C2 is built with these very passengers in mind. The C2 is safe. It's reliable. And itís innovative. We've revolutionized the school bus with outstanding maneuverability, state-of-the-art driver ergonomics and the most visibility among all Type C buses. And with one of the most extensive dealer networks in the industry, there's always support nearby when you need it. That's innovation for the sake of every kid's commute. That's Thomas Built Buses.


  • Passenger capacity
    Up to 81
  • Wheelbase
    158", 179", 199", 219", 238", 259", 279"
  • GVWR
    Up to 33,000 lbs.
  • Engine
    Cummins® ISB 200-260 HP with SCR technology
  • Propane option
    8.0L V-8 LPG with liquid propane injection system
  • CNG Option
    Cummins ISB 6.7 G with up to 240 hp
Photo of bus Wheel Cut diagram

A tight wheel cut of up to 55 degrees allows for exceptional maneuverability.


  • Up to 55-degree wheel cut1
  • Tapered leaf suspension
  • Open driver's area without obstructions
  • Additional leg room
  • Large overhead driver's storage compartments
  • Side storage for clipboards and personal objects
  • Adjustable seat belt
  • Interchangeable driver smart switch placement
  • Non-reflective instrument panel
  • LED backlit gauges
  • Automotive-style heating and ventilation controls
  • Automatic entrance door
  • Full height 78" headroom
  • 33.3" high windows


  • Numbered fault code system for diagnostics
  • Automated light checking system
  • Mechanically fastened warning lights
  • Easy "walk-in-access" to engine compartment
  • Easy access to the windshield wiper motor and linkage
  • Passenger windows can be removed with just 4 screws


  • Wheelchair lift
  • Tilt and telescoping steering wheel
  • Adjustable pedals
  • Air suspension driver's seat
  • Air ride suspension
  • Cupholder
  • AM/FM radio/CD/PA
  • Remote control/heated mirrors
  • Duct vented dash A/C
  • Various seat options available: bench seat without belts, with lap belts, with 3-point belts; latch; integrated child seat; or coachstyle seating
  • Child reminder system
  • Crossing arms
  • LED light packages
  • Engine exhaust brake
  • Acoustical ceiling
  • Luggage compartments
  • Overhead book racks
  • Reading lights2
  • Tinted windows
  • White roof
  • Heated driver's seat
  • Staggered passenger seating

1Depending on vehicle specifications.
2Some options only available through dealerships.

Self-Piercing Rivet Joint

Cross Section of Self-Piercing Rivet Joint

25% Improved Visibility

The gray area shows the 25% improved visibility over the typical Type C bus.

You may have noticed that the C2 looks different than other Type C buses. We chose this design, quite simply, because of the outstanding visibility and safety. The windshield provides a panoramic view and when combined with the low sloping hood, low instrument panel and A-pillar windows, the C2's visibility footprint is the largest in the type C category. Plus, it offers a number of other features that enhance safety, including:


  • Saf-T-Net construction
    • Side skirt reinforcement
    • Extended roof bows
    • Welded header and rafter system
  • Double-bolted body mounting clips
  • Fuel tank mounted between frame rails
  • One-piece bonded windshield
  • Saf-T-Bond adhesive joints
  • Meets or exceeds FMVSS

Driver Visibility

  • 25% improved visibility over typical Type C bus
  • Saf-T-Vue passenger loading window
  • Low profile aerodynamic hood
  • Low instrument panel
  • Overlapping windshield wipers
Base warranty on the C2 is now 3 years

We've extended our Base Warranty on the Saf-T-Liner® C2 from one year to three years.

At Thomas Built Buses, we know that school systems want to get the most out of their transportation budgets. Thatís why we build our buses to a higher standard of durability. And now, Thomas Built is pleased to announce that the Saf-T-Liner® C2 base warranty will be extended from one year to three years, or 50,000 miles, beginning with units built on or after October 1, 2014. This warranty will cover the chassis, electrical and manual controls, safety equipment, assemblies and more. Normal wear items are excluded.

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