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BUS REPORT Summer 2011

Kelley's Corner

Dear Readers:

Thomas Built Buses is the first school bus manufacturer to achieve Zero-Waste-to-Landfill operations.

You can imagine how pleased I am to make that statement. And how rewarding it was to participate in the company-wide March 23rd celebration of that and other sustainable manufacturing achievements you can read more about elsewhere in this issue. The celebration recognized the contributions of every member of the Thomas Built Buses employee family. Together we achieved this goal one manufacturing facility at a time over the last 19 months.

At one time, for every school bus built, we sent more than 1,100 pounds of material to the landfill. Today, every scrap of material is used, reused, recycled or turned into energy. More than that, we are reducing energy consumption, conserving water and producing energy on unused land. We are committed to sustainability. It has become part of the fabric of who we are. And today, Thomas is an industry leader in sustainable manufacturing, facility waste management and alternative fuel technologies.

Of course we are proud of those accomplishments. Yet we know that this is just the beginning of a continuing commitment to building a cleaner, more sustainable future. With school districts replacing buses less often, it is even more important that we offer high quality, clean-running, sustainably-manufactured buses that will last as long as they're needed.

We've challenged our employees and our suppliers to look for components made of recycled materials, to reuse scrap and to eliminate generating recyclables from the start. In 2012, we plan to introduce new, propane-fueled Saf-T-Liner® C2 and Minotour® buses, complementing our line of Diesel/Electric Hybrid, CNG and clean diesel SCR vehicles.

Who knows what's next in sustainable mobility? But as Thomas Built lives its commitment to conserve resources, and to reduce all types of emissions, we will make the school buses of today, and the future, both safe and sustainable.

Best regards,

Kelley S. Platt signature

Kelley S. Platt
President and CEO
Thomas Built Buses