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BUS REPORT Fall 2010

North Kitsap, Washington, Enjoys Local Attention
Around Hybrid Deliveries

With more than 50 Thomas diesel-electric hybrid C2e buses now in operation across the country, customers are enjoying the payoff that comes from introducing green technology into their school districts. The new hybrids are catching the attention of local media, which not only spreads the word that new buses are rolling in, but also raises awareness of the greening initiatives put forth by the districts.

"When we learned that we were the first in the state of Washington to receive a new Thomas hybrid, I felt it was newsworthy to let the community know what our district was doing to improve not only fuel economy, even against tightening budgets, but also to reduce our carbon footprint," said Ron Lee, transportation director for North Kitsap School District. "Thomas Built has always been on the cutting edge of technology, and after having worked with them through Schetky Northwest Sales for so many years, I was excited to share the delivery announcement with our community."

Thomas Built understands the value of sharing news of its new innovations to the communities it serves."We see a lot of interest from the media here in High Point when we have a new product or any kind of change in our manufacturing," said Ken Hedgecock, vice president of sales, marketing an service for Thomas. "When the new hybrids began rolling off the line, we were happy to share it with the local camera crew. We know that what we do here has a global impact. Everything we produce affects the safety and environmental stewardship of our customers' communities, which is news that we're proud to share."